A.O. Almanac



Happy Holidays.

Out with the bad and in with the good. Let by-gones be by-gones. If you want to sell, sell. To buy, buy. To move, take the first step. To be redundent, read Parachute. To write, write. To change transportation means, change. To forget, forget. To ignore, ignore. Get the idea? Your are the Boss. Your idea plus action are a powerful duo, Aries.

Red bows, Santa, cranberries, Holly, a red hat, red towel, red pen, red ink in the Holy Bible, red pencil, red light, RGB, red meat, red wine. What does Red mean, Aries, does it tell a story? DECEMBER: RED. Red face, see red, CREDIT: RED, loss? When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Aries, you are the starter and the goer ruled by the Red planet. Send the year out with a bang! Suggested: Check out a computer mind game.


Happy Holidays.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained? Taurus nose knows that there is a time for all things. A time to grasp, and a time to let go. Smell the flowers. Smell the coffee. Smell the signs. Smell the body odor. Smell the smells. Taurus, your nose knows. If your nose smells the scent of doubt, give it wide berth! Let December be your nose knows month.

Do you sing, do you like to sing? Do you dance, do you like to dance? Do you like microphones? Keep your ears, nose, and throat clear and clean. GRATITUDE: DEAR, A GREAT TRAIT--TREAD TRUE! Do you listen to Louis Armstrong? Do you like hymns? How about hip hop, rap, ethnic music, pops? Let the season be the digital season! Make music, enjoy music, surround your ears, nose, and throat with beautiful words, sounds,voices, bodies, and music. Let your body, mind and spirit dance, sing, recite, and speak. Beautiful! One, two, three! Beauty? Nose knows!

Keep your kitchen, table, house filled with positive, tasty fragrances. New blanket, new linens, new towels, new sponges, new fabrics -- for house and body. Spices, vegetables, flowers, oils- bake, fry, stew, roast, grill, boil, saute, chop, slice, peel, crush, grind. Your nose knows, remember! Suggested: Read eat your blood type!


Happy Holidays
Silent night, holy night. Open your heart and breathe deep, relax, relax, relax.

Gemini-- if you are tired, rest; if your back is stiff, give it to professional hands. How about teeth, eyes, ears, hair, nails, bones, skin, or mouth? Is it time to share any of these with Pros?

Is your cash balance thin, it may be a sign it is time to clean house? How? Open all drawers, all closets, all boxes, all cabinets and look in and choose and pick out in each ten items and take them out by your own hands. Next, pile them all in one spot where you will sit comfortably, one by one pick up, touch and fondle each --- thank it and then tell it the good news-- I will store you or I will throw you out or I will give you away or I will sell you. Keep in mind that what you are doing is for the good of them and you. Thank the universe, the universe gives and gives more to those who thank and use! Do house cleaning this month as often as you wish.

Thank and get rich! The cash box of the universe is overflowing. Make space and open your hands your share is more than you now believe possible? Think big!

Tis the season to be jolly! Bells, chimes, gongs, organs, piano, harmonica are your ears. Incense, spices, aroma herbs, flowers, are your nose. Cards, books, art, fabrics, trees, stars, clouds, soil, wood, earth, fire, lights are your eyes. Wind, water, hair, fur, fabrics, tiles, wool, cotton, heat, metal, oils, scratches, itches, skin are your skin. Food, drink, spices, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, cheese and more or less are your tongue. Five senses, and the sixth sense, seventh sense, eight sense. Mind over matter! Suggested:Dream a sculpture, then bring it out of stone into life.


Food, shelter, clothing, entertainment, security, and tools are top on your to do list, or on your done list. or on your season gift list? Are you ant or are you grasshopper, Cancer? Tis the season and the Solstice is but a few weeks away, and are you alert, ready, and frisky? Be it yes or be it no-- be thankful for refrigerator, roof, wall, floor, shoes, comfortable clothing, hat, music, art, conversation, speech, exercise, lock, key, cash, insurance, alarm system, game, cell phone, laptop, knife, scissors, soaps, oils, blankets, bedding, heater, oven, bicycle, running shoes, car, tennis racket, golf clubs, swimwear, etc.

Take care and give generously to yourself: a clean house?, hire a house cleaner, or use household cleaners; insomnia?, count caffeine, buy an electric blanket, go to bed an hour earlier; bored?, a board game, an afternoon at a soup kitchen, listen to classic music, read poetry, knit a sweater; too hot or too cold?, yoga, exercise, massage, food, drink.

Yes, Cancer, tell your self what you want, what you need, and what you enjoy for the Season-- then yell it from the roof tops! Keep your ear to the ground; reach down and pick up the signs; look in front, to the side, and in back; smell the breeze and the air and pay attention; cook and prepare and eat delicious food. Today's family members, relatives, co-workers, colleagues, friends, pets, plants, the food and drink of the season, lights, and decorations are all hints that you are a you, a person who is in the right place at the right time in the right body. Happy Holidays!


Happy Holiday! Tis the season to be seen singing what you like singing, spending for what you like spending for, giving time and money to whom you like giving to, partying with whom you like partying, wearilng what you like to be wearing, dancing with whom you like dancing, driving the car you like driving, and projecting the image you like projecting. Ok, Leo, how about? evening wear? hair style change?, washed and waxed car? new shoes? digital gadget? dance lessons?, digital profile refreshing?, public speaking lesson?, acting class?, and more?

Leo, show off to your hearts content! You like to be on stage, on the air, in front of the crowd, so be ready to be there and perform to the level of your best stuff. Update your skills and uses of microphones, of digital video and film, of webcam, of cell-cam, of business cards, of letter heads, of logos, of slogans, of pick-up jargon, of your voice, of your gesture, posture, movement and of how you promote others and yourself, etc. Leo, change is not in the air, it is in a gale!

More showing off is possible? Yes show off your spouse, your family members, your friends, your business partner, your lover. Pay extra attention to those important to you by inviting them to join you at an event, a party, a show. Yes, Leo, lavish others with appropriate gifts, time, and energy. Let them shine in your glow and light. Be the humble, gracious, and positive star, that you know you are! Leo, sharing your mind, sharing your body, sharing your emotions, and sharing your spirit are your best gifts you can give others. Add your picture, your poem, your blurb, your sweet-love-nothing, your art, your heart into your greeting cards and in your voice when you say Happy Holidays. You are too busy, you say, to do all this. It is simple to say: "You and me are Love."


Keeping-your-feet-on-the-ground, Virgo, teach us that injured, sick, infirm, insane, chronically ill all are more important than the healthy person. Happy Holidays. Details, routine, critical analysis are prominent features of your work performance. Virgo, how about play? Crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles, riddles, puns, jokes, codes, anagrams, stinkpinks, conspiracies, digital sport games, anatomy, genome, the moons of Mars, tarot, feng shui, civilization games, politics, public speaking, etc.

Virgo, read minds: read Joyce, read Blake, read Shakespeare, read Plato; cover the book covers with color your color-- fabrics, paint, paper, metal. Read outloud and MP3 your interpretations. Take pictures of the book pages and covers. Display them using slide show applications . Let everyone hear and see your interpretations. Is comedy your secret desire? How about cookbooks, medical books, art books, mathematics? Whatever you choose put it into sounds and color, Virgo, distribute them digitally or on paper or on metal or on plastic or on shells or on wood.

December is your show and tell month.

Now, as your environment is visual colored and sound recorded, ask your innerself to tell you how you can color and record your own body? What are the colors that allow your skin to emit vigor, glow, life. Have you ever consulted a fashion color expert? How about your diet? Do your meals display food colors and dinnerware that appeal to your eyes? Do you want to add a pressure cooker or a stainless frypan or a well-made fish knife or a juicer or a nut grinder to your collection of cooking tools?

The key word is action, action without judgement, without criticism. If you go to a costume party, if you wear a sheer snug top to bottom nylon outfit, you act nonchalant. Thankyou and smile your way through the party from start to finish. "Virgo needs no mere clothes," says Godiva, "she glows inside out." Happy Holidays!


Best for the Holidays and a Happy New Year. Digital distribution, digital art, digital sound, digital color, digital performance, digital communication, digital skinship, digital scales. Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer were the first global distributors of toys. Up and down chinmeys, leaving gifts under light decorated trees, plumping out hanging stockings, and letting young and adults know who has been bad and who has been good. Now, Ipod, PS3, Wii, TV monitors (flatscreens) , TVcells and myriad digital toys and other whats I want for Christmas are stored on Santa's external HDs. But who is not on the digital wish list. It is who? our Libra, is it? Right. Popular new stuff is just old stuff to Libras, who are one step ahead of the crowd, the trendy Libra guys and gals.

What's a Libra to do for gifts? Organic gardening, setting up a barista set, collecting sets of books and reading by and on Leonardo DaVinci, Rudolph Stein, Helena Blavatsky, James Churward, Edgar Cayce, W. Scott-Elliot, David Icyx, Mozart, opera, submarines, Soviet handguns.etc. The toy that deeply touches the Libra are mind games, computer mind games. Computer games which pit the individual or players to conquer fantasy worlds, ancient worlds, late history worlds, or the now world. Beautiful places, water and stream, river, and ocean. Fantastic curves and bend of roads made with smooth stones tranversing primeval steppes, forests, valleys, all containg grass, shrubs, woods, bright fragrent flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit, all kinds of birds, bees, butterflies, insects, amphibians, mammals are fine places for development. What to do with all that nature? That question and its answer is made up by strongest competitor to whom goes the spoils. But it is Libra making it up, and nature will not be spoils it will be a manmade paradise.

Libra, stock up your paints, your color sets, your fabrics and paper, ceramics and clay, film equipment, camera, recording stuff, your body for training and exercise and massage. Enter saunas and baths anyway to open Libra towards the direction of beauty, awe, and warmth. Next year means to be more beautiful than you are beautiful this year. Happy New Year.


Christmas caroles, nuts and candy, holly, mistle toe, steel candliers and honey wax candles, Baby Jesus, the Star of Bethlehem, drop a tear for The Season. Scorpio emotions go deep from the heart into closer touch with his or her soul which shines bright out of the dark source. Dark Green, Dark Red, and Dark Black are appreciated by Scorps who feel connected to the long night of the Winter Solstice. Where it is possible, Scorpio, dress warm, and stand outside under the Winter Sky and inhale 6 counts and exhale six counts and take in the Universe. You are jacketted, booted, hatted and mufflered, Scorpio, you are shaped and sharpened in fine, new clothes, hats and boots. Maroon socks and dark underwear all which remind your reptilian skin that you are a human in action. Money spent on clothes dear Scorpio, is good money spent. You want good fabrics next to your skin, to touch your good body. Scorpio, who walk on the dark side, appreciate more than most the eternal benefit of those times when the mind is spent fixed on the Best. It is from dark and sin that Scorpio arises as the Phoenix from the ashes to fly again. BEAST:BEST -- out of beast comes best.

Scorpio accept invitations to attend big parties, concerts, restaurants, sushi bars, beaches, sailing, surfing, swimming, scuba. So money spent following the Orca, Monarch Butterflies, Geese south, ok? Swimwear and beachwear in Winter or Summer fits Scorpio. Loosen up your money bag, Scorpio, reach in grab a fistfull of cash and celebrate. If you have been keeping your nose to the grindstone, you are rich.

Ok, sex is sex is sex is sex is sex is sex, Scorpio. But sex is children and other people's children. Scorpio enjoys the time and skill to give gifts and presents to the youngsters and the young of heart. Smiles and smilles for miles and miiles. Flowers, gold fish, plants, hidden microphones, small cameras, picture books, detective stories, board games, dice sets, costumes, herb scented pillows, candles, black lights, radios, Christmas music, playing cards, mirrors, teddy bears, blankets, recorded music, opera, animal sounds, new age, ethnic. solar flare sounds, ocean sounds, classic, hiphop, alternative, dark chocolates, heavy Christmas cakes, nuts and dried fruit, dark-colored drinks, and lots of mystery to give. Happy Holidays.


Holiday cheers to you and yours. You are ready to trim the tree, season decorations are out of storage, neat piles here and there, lights are checked and ready to be installed, candles, angels, snow scenes, and more are close at hand. You are ready for the Holidays. The greeting card list has been worked down toward the bottom. You will be dropping them all at the post office any day soon. Recipe cards, cookbooks, shopping lists, cooking and baking tools are checked and ready to use. To serve good food serve it with china, crystal, silverware. and fine linen. Plants, pets, family and friend photographs are generously displayed. Where you hang your hat is home and when in Rome you do as the Romans do are both true, right?

Early fall, you organized your party clothes, shoes, underwear, socks, belts, accessories, coats, jewelry, watches, bags and wallets: you spend money and time to dress and to fit well enough to be photographed for the fashion magazines. You insist on your being polite, well-groomed, and socially graceful. You dress and behave to respect the place, the occasion, the time, the people you are with be it social, personal, business or spiritual. Your maxim of action is "everyone is more important than I am." Jeans are for the garden, the animal barn, the work shop. Unless jeans are what the boss wears. To dress someone down is to tell the person before you "I am more important than you." Be polite.

Optimistic energy, learned efficiency, steady progress, step by step you get things done. Your house, your office space are welcoming, clean, with necessary tools and gadgets all in their place for you to use unobtrusively so you can keep your mind alert, your tongue limber, your ears open, references near at hand, so that you are the master communicator, and the master of ceremony. Money and time spent on the rituals, the forms, the actions, and the materials of cultural norms and manners of the Holiday Season is always money and time well spent, Sagittarius. Be surrounded by the rhythms, the sounds, the music, and the voices of the season by your purchasing the CDs and DVDs you like to hear day in and day out.


Happy Holidays. Make sure the house is ready for after Winter Solstice weather. Window locks, panes, frames are in good condition. Doors lock and unlock, swing open and close. Water pipes, faucets, sinks, spigots and other parts of the water system fuction properly on demand and are insulated to prevent freezing. Electric, fuel, gas, coal furnaces and local heaters work efficiently and safely. No fires please. Garden trees, brush, bushes, flowers, grass, and ferns are vigorous for the cold and dark. Cappy is be prepared. Budgets done; documents filed; out of debt; insurance paid up; taxes paid; doctor appointments scheduled; dry cleaning, washing, scrubbing, repairs are up to date. Are there any problems? Order the how-to books, CDS, or D-VDs to help you rectify, restore, repair, fix, put back together what is broken, out of use, need of repair. How about some coffee table books of beautiful, well-made, well-engineered, top-functioning cars, appliances, gadgets, homes, tools, clothes, shoes, etc?

Cappy likes to feel and touch comfort and contentment; Cappy likes to see signs and signals which show the positive range of stability, status, wealth, social acceptance, and success. A big easy chair, a big flat screen, a big dog, a big car, a plush carpet, well-made, the best digi, the best iPod, the best computer, quality wood, plastic, silver, steel etc. Yes, Cappy does give a damn! Money and time spent for making a better yard, garage, house, car, workshop, garden, landscape, game center, entertainment room etc. is indeed good shopping. Tools, machines, supplies, devices, digi, wood, fabrics, metals are wrapped, ribboned and put under the tree.

Other people and other people's time and money are important to Capricorn, who returns all phone calls, keeps accurate and complete lists of income and out goes, receipts. Cappy expresses gratitude. Cappy shakes the hand or bows to the person who puts food on the table, a roof over the head, keeps Cappy in nice wheels, and with clothes on the back. Buy books written by experts who assist you to keep you ahead of the Dream and at the Top. Merry Merry Merry Christmas.


Numbers, motifs, mosaics, calligraphy, colors, growing things, crystals, gems, stars, lights, sirens, chimes, chords, bells, vibrations, printed art, printed words, video, monitors, headlights, panels, smoke, oscillation, whirling, spinning, click--- gold fish bowls, gem rocks, crystal whale, mini-digi camera, robot, voice mail device, a fax, movements of time, see-through materials and fabrics, walking space, a wide sleep area.
Systems are most trusted and appreciated by Aquarius. Efficient feedback systems, tools, weapons, utensiles, furniture, thermostats, solar cells, batteries, cell phones, telephones, projectors, sound recording, visual recording, walls and flooring etc. Yes, you trust astrology and tarot because both are derived by humans who connect personal action, behavior, and habits. Aquarius intuitively knows that the efficiency and reliability of the solar system and the efficiency and reliability of the brain synchronize for the best of all.

Acquarius seeks, creates, and appreciates environments that are kept efficient and multi-use because there are systems that monitor for results and provide control in directing the relation between what is and what should be. Computers, action games, amplifiers, sound systems, ventilation and light control, individual sports, ovens, heating and cooling systems, aromatherapy, yoga, chakra, homeopathic medicine, hypnotism, mind and body control.

Observing and learning from sees, ants, whale, baboons, wolves, virus, bacteria, DNA-RNA, atom, crow, thermodynamics, force, energy, music, ovum-sperm, sypathetic and parasympathetic nerves, contraction and expansion, give and take, grasp and let go, nudity and anatomy, awake-sleep and sleep-awake, flower to seed, seed to flower, water-fire-earth-air and other SYSTEMS, etc keep the mind alert, ready and frisky. Happy Holidays. Appreciate books, video, CDs and D-VDs: religion, science, occult, art, politics, comedy, biography, only-adult stuff, philosophy, and knowledge. And then apply your mind to your making something out of nothing.


Illusion is real. Real is illusion. Airplane wing is angel wing. Angel wing is airplane wing. Life is death. Death is life. Nothing is everything. Everything is nothing. Small is big. Big is small. The Universe is the Big Bang. The Big Bang is The Universe. Win is loss. Loss is win. Artist is artist. artist is Artist. Male is female. Female is male. Embryo is infant. Infant is embryo. Finite is infinite. Infinite is finite. The selfish is the unselfish. The unselfish is the selfish. Soma is pyche. Psyche is soma. Evolution is creation. Creation is evolution. Animate is inanimate. Inanimate is animate. The unselfish is the selfish. Gnostic ia agnostic. Agnostic is gnostic. Inhale is exhale. Exhale is inhale. War is peace, Peace is war.

PISCES:IS:SPIES. Happy Holiday, Fish. You remind us that from everything comes the spirit and from the spirit comes everything. My attitude is everything. Everything is my attitude.
Create. Create. Create. Paint, Photograph. Sculpt. Write. Film. Edit. Short story. History. Biography. Poetry. Screenwrite. Comedy. Act. Speak. Cook. Dine. Bake. Knit. Sew. Draw. Invent. Puzzle. Riddle. Epic, Party, Converse, Exercise, Heal, Pray, Meditate, Think, Laugh, Smile.

Pisces, end the year with a whimper, spend time and money alone on and with your creative self. Trust that if you want company, that that person will show up at your door. For Pisces believes in Santa magic. I saw Pisces kissing... under the misletoe.