About David Lee

David Lee began his study and practice of astrology in Tokyo, Japan in the fall of 1984. For two years he joined others who met weekly to improve our growth and our development in the skills and concepts of astrology.
Over the years Lee has been blessed to meet face to face with symbolists, astrologers, New Age pioneers, artists, teachers, yoga, people who believe in health and abundance and peace, writers, movie and film creator, architects, scholars, and the hundreds and hundreds of fellow surfers here on this blue marble of water spinning and collecting and using sunlight so we can live and love. To try to give you more than I take.

He is grateful and thankful to all the men and women and children who have encouraged Lee to never give up and improve his role as a teacher and consultant and authority by his practicing the concepts and skills of astrology.
In Los Angeles in 1988 Lee read cover to cover Linda Goodman's Star Signs which he puts into action: now he lexigrams, calculates numerologically, consults the crystal pyramid and the crystal ball on the crystal base, draws right-brain, listens to sounds and shows with colors. Astrologically and spirititually, he puts into action his experiences, his training, his research. He lexigrams, does yoga, meditates, prays, fasts, seeks mental and spiritual guidance, consults rolfers and other healers.
Astrology is an art which can be studied pragmatically -- what is the relation between astrological signs and the user. Lee looks forward to consulting face to face with you and creating together a cassette-taped record of our meeting.